Bae Suah

Bae Suah

Bae Suah is one of the most highly acclaimed and innovative contemporary South Korean authors. Her novels (Recitation, A Greater Music, Nowhere To Be Found) and stories (North Station, Highway with Green Apples, From Noin Ula) are influenced by the German authors she translates – including Kafka, W G Sebald and Jenny Erpenbeck, but also by the authors Clarice Lispecter and Borges, et al. She has gained cult status, with an extremely devoted and enthusiastic fanbase. Her own themes often address 'the sensuous interpolation of past and present, of I and thou, of life and literature'. Suah's novels and stories are gifted to us in English by the most notable and award-winning translators: Man Booker Prize-winner, Deborah Smith, Sora Kim Russell and Janet Hong, all of whom vie for her attention. She has received the prestigious Hanguk Ilbo Literary Prize, as well as the Tongseo Literary Prize. She speaks English, German and... Korean.

Suah's novel, Untold Night and Day, translated into English by Deborah Smith, was published in 2020 by Jonathan Cape in the UK and by Overlook in the USA.

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