Lindsay Pollock photo (c) Dan P. Neegaard

Vanni by Ben Dix

Lindsay Pollock

Lindsay Pollock is the co-creator (with Benjamin Dix) of Vanni: A Family's Struggle through the Sri Lankan Conflict – a graphic novel.

A lifelong illustrator, Lindsay has produced a series of global human rights issues with Benjamin Dix, founder of PositiveNegatives. His work has been featured in the Guardian and on the BBC and exhibited at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, amongst other places.

After studying film and graphic design, Lindsay made two independent feature documentaries with co-director Sam Lawlor: We’ll Never Meet Childhood Again, the story of formerly institutionalised, HIV+ teenagers living with foster families in Bucharest. The film was featured in the 2007 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. And The One That Got Away, a road movie with Holocaust survivor Thomas Beck, revisiting the scenes of his extraordinary escape during WW2. The film was co-produced with HBO Europe.

Vanni: a graphic novel by Ben Dix and Lindsay Pollock
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