Michael Frank


Michael Frank

Michael Frank is a political and economic analyst with a decade of experience in Asia, including at The Economist Intelligence Unit based in Hong Kong, where he worked on public-facing thought leadership and internal strategic advisory.

Michael led The EIU’s Asia technology policy group, serving as the lead for research at the intersection of technology and geopolitics, with clients including Fortune 500 companies, international institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Before The EIU, Michael worked at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in the government-relations team in support of member businesses’ common interests, organising high-level dialogues with member executives and Chinese government officials from the national, provincial and municipal levels, as well as US diplomats based in Shanghai in the State and Commerce departments. Michael would later serve in the leadership of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong as vice chair of the Financial Services Committee, a tenure that spanned the pro-democracy protests and zero-Covid lockdowns.

Michael, who has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, was editor-in-chief of the Chicago Policy Review.

You can read more about Michael here: www.michae1frank.com.