Rosie Milne

Olivia and Sophia by Rosie Milne
Circumstance by Rosie Milne

Rosie Milne

Rosie Milne worked as a book editor in London before moving to New York, where she wrote her first novel, How to Change Your Life, about an editor of self-help books who tries to follow the advice in a self-help book.

She then moved to Hong Kong, where she wrote her second novel, Holding the Baby, about the way motherhood turns women’s lives upside down, and where she worked as a books columnist at the South China Morning Post.

Rosie then moved to her current home, Singapore, where for a time she wrote about the city for the UK Telegraph, and then set up Asian Books Blog.

Her novel Olivia & Sophia: The Adventures of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the Remarkable Founder of Singapore, as Seen through the Eyes of His Two Wives, was published by Monsoon Books as one of their debut titles for their UK launch in March 2016. Her latest novel, Circumstance, has also been published by Monsoon.

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