Zhang Ling

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Zhang Ling

Zhang Ling was born in China and moved to Canada in 1986. She started, in the mid 1990s, to write and publish fictional works in Chinese while working as a clinical audiologist in Toronto. Over the past two decades, she has published nine novels and numerous collections of novellas and short stories.

Ling is the winner of a number of prestigious Chinese literary awards including Author of the Year Prize of Chinese Media Literature Award (2010), Grand Prize (twice) of Overseas Chinese Literary Award (2010, 2014), Finalist (twice) for Dream of Red Chamber International Chinese Novel Award (Hong Kong 2011, 2018), and Open Book Award (Taiwan 2011).

Her novella Aftershock was adapted into China’s first IMAX movie, with unprecedented box office success, winning the best movie award in Asian Pacific Film Festival. The English edition of her most recent novel is the bestselling A Single Swallow, translated by Shelly Bryant.