Bae Suah

Bae Suah, one of the most highly acclaimed, innovative South Korean authors, is influenced by the German authors she translates including Kafka, W G Sebald and Jenny Erpenbeck.

Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker is a London-based barrister, specialising in family law. With experience of both Lincoln’s Inn and children’s homes. Nothing But the Truth is her debut novel.

Tew Bunnag

Tew Bunnag was born in Bangkok. He writes about the contradictions between contemporary and traditional life in Thailand. Photo by Uma Bunnag

Cheon Myeong-kwan

Cheon Myeon-kwan is one of the most famous and beloved novelists in South Korea. His award-winning novels have been published in various languages around the world.

Ryan Choi

Ryan Choi is an award-winning composer and musician, writer, and literary translator.

Benjamin Dix

Benjamin Dix, senior fellow at SOAS and founder of PositiveNegatives ('true stories, drawn from life') is the co-creator of Vanni: A Family's Struggle through the Sri Lankan Conflict.

Arielle Emmett

Arielle Emmett


Arielle Emmett

Arielle Emmett is a writer, visual journalist and traveling scholar specialising in East Asia, science writing, and human interest. She has been a Contributing Editor to Smithsonian Air & Space magazine and a Fulbright Scholar (2018-9) and

Tim Fitts

Tim Fitts is an award-winning short-story writer, whose debut novel, The Soju Club, was translated into Korean and published by Munhakdongnae.

Han Yujoo

Han Yujoo is a Bright Young Thing of Korean literature whose debut novel The Impossible Fairy Tale was published in 2017 and translated by Janet Hong, winner of the inaugural Society of Authors first translation award.

He Jiahong

He Jiahong, ‘the John Grisham of China’ is a crime-fiction writer and professor of criminal law at Beijing People’s University.