Ben Bland

Ben Bland, author of Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China's Shadow, is a foreign correspondent and policy analyst who has been working in Asia for more than a decade.

Michael Breen

Michael Breen is author of The New Koreans and was for many years the Guardian and Washington Times correspondent.

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley, author of Meltdown in Tibet is an environmentalist, an adventure-travel writer & documentary filmmaker who specializes in the Himalayan & Southeast Asian regions.

Anna Chittenden

Anna Chittenden writes about travel and lifestyle in Asia and is the author and creator of the Lost Guides travel-book series.

Edith Coron & Anne Garrigue

Edith Coron and Anne Garrigue are journalists who often focus on Asia. Their first co-authored book is China Blend: The Cultural Hybrids Bridging the World.

Zarifa Ghafari

Zarifa Ghafari is the youngest female major of Afghanistan, and escaped from the Taliban in August 2021 to seek refuge in Germany.

Francesco Grillo


Francesco Grillo

Francesco Grillo is Visiting Fellow at The European University Institute in Fiesole, Affiliate Professor at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa and teaches at the summer school of University of International Business Economics in Beijing. He has been

Pierre Hazan

Pierre Hazan photo


Pierre Hazan

Pierre Hazan is a senior advisor with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, one of the main organisations involved in the mediation of armed-conflict negotiations. He has advised international organizations, governments and armed groups on questions related to

He Jiahong

He Jiahong, ‘the John Grisham of China’ is a crime-fiction writer and professor of criminal law at Beijing People’s University.

Karoline Kan

Karoline Kan author of Under Red Skies, is a journalist who writes about Chinese politics and history, ethnic policy and the environment, and other social issues for China Dialogue.